Pella, on the western shore of Lake Orta, is one of the oldest and richest in history among the villages of Cusio.

The promenade on the lake, leading to the medieval tower and the pier, allows you to enjoy a different point of view on the island of San Giulio. Before entering the historic center, the St. Filiberto Complex certainly deserves a stop. The church is the oldest chapel on the western coast of Lake Orta. Entering the village, you can see well-preserved buildings dating back to the nineteenth century, like the old hospital. In the heart of the village there is the Parish Church dedicated to St. Albino bishop, dating 1516, which guards paintings, frescoes and valuable paintings. In Ravedoni Square there is the ancient wash-house that allowed Pella women to wash their clothes even when weather conditions prevented them from approaching the lake.


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