Sling - ”Vers l’autre côté”

t is worth to see the curious installation called "Vers le autre côté" by Roselyne Erutti and commonly called "Fionda" at the end of the south section of the lake promenade.


Orta San Giulio

The ancient hamlet of Orta San Giulio, completely pedestrian, is characterized by narrow streets rich in noble palaces, shops and restaurants.

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Stresa, called the Queen of Lake Maggiore, is in a magnificent panoramic position, under the green slopes of Mottarone. The numerous villas, parks, gardens, the beautiful flowery lakeshore and the centre of the town full of shops and restaurants, make Stresa one of the most important tourist destinations of Lake Maggiore.

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Pella, on the western shore of Lake Orta, is one of the oldest and richest in history among the villages of Cusio.

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Madonna del Sasso

In the hamlet of Boleto, a visit to the Church of the Madonna del Sasso, which rises on a granite spur projecting on Lake Orta at 638 mt of altitude, is essential.

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With its 1491 meters of altitude, Mottarone is the ideal destination for all seasons,since from the top you can enjoy a great view. In winter, 16 ski slopes are practicable.

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Omegna is known for being an important industrial city, the indisputable capital of the household production, a land of pots and coffee makers. There, the companies that made the history of post-war history in Italy and helped to change the custom of Italian families were born, developed and enlarged.

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